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IronStone is a completed community located in West Edmond. We have a beautiful park and spacious lots with quality home builders. We would love to call you our new neighbor!

IronStone is home to residents of all ages. From grandparents to growing families, our residents want to make IronStone a better place by sharing their gifts, their business knowledge and their diverse experiences.

In order to help maintain standards of a clean, safe and prosperous neighborhood, IronStone has an active Homeowners Association. Our HOA is comprised of volunteers who donate their time and energy toward ensuring that the covenants are upheld and the neighborhood is at its best.

IronStone HOA Mission:

  • Strive to maintain the aesthetic beauty and functional value of property within IronStone
  • Improve the neighborhood while being sensitive to dues increases
  • Make informed decisions representative of the majority interest
  • Focus on maintaining an active and cohesive community environment